Greek Alcatraz

In Olympiada, we stopped by accident and it was great.

Olympiada, is on the way from Stavros towards Halkidiki, somehow at first glance it seems to be intended for artists…

Even the entrance to Olympiada is the same, artistic, deep greenery and houses hidden from curious views.

Front to the sea is of course inevitably the same, a beautiful promenade and houses in a row, both old and new.

Rising above Olympiada is Stagira the birthplace of Aristotle and below there is a small dock with boats where fish can be bought like in Stavros.

I do not know how Olympiada looks like when it’s in the pick of the seasson, but in comparison to Asprovata, Vrasna and others in Olympiada silence rules.

There is also a small pavilion with a barbacue, empty glasses and chairs from yesterday. It is clear that this is a place where you can drink good wine in good company if the locals accept you.

This boat dock also has a small shrine where fishermen come to pray for a good catch.

The symbol of Olympiada is a small island that you look at whenever you look at the sea.

It is the island of Kafkanas, which has the legend that Olympiada, the mother of Alexander the Great, was detained on it by son-in-law Kasandros when he fought to conquer the throne.


Once the island was connected to the mainland, but it was flooded in the earthquake, although the people say that this road can be spotted during the time low tide.

The beach is long and sandy but it is not wheelchair accessible, but I still enjoyed it.

Given the above, now we know how Olympiada got its name.

In Olympiada, you can sit in any tavern, they are all near the water.

In Olympiada, you do not eat fast, but slow.

In Olympiada you can take long walks as well.

In Olympiada there is also a small church called Agia Kiriaki.

Olympiada also has a festival of shells that is held every year on July 6 and 7, so if you are there ate the time….

There is another small lookout at which Olympiada can be seen as if it’s in the palm of your hand.

The fresh fish from the boats in the port ended like this.

There are also other beaches in the vicinity of Olympiada that people say are even more beautiful, but I would not change a thing….

Traveled and enjoyed, Marko Veličković

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