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The greenest Greek island, Corfu, is located at the westernmost point of Greece. It is lapped by two seas, the Adriatic and the Greek, and is the second largest in the Ionian archipelago…

Only Kefalonia is bigger than it, but Corfu, with 120,000 inhabitants is much more populated and developed.

When you look at it from the plane, it looks like an elongated letter f. The distance between its northernmost and southernmost point is 53 km, while the width of the island is from 4 to 30 km. This means that you can and must go around it very easily by car.

The island is thought to have been named after the nymph Kerkyra, the daughter of the river god Aesop who was abducted by the sea god Poseidon and imprisoned on the island. There is another version that kerkira means “peaked ridge” in Greek.

The first contact with the island is usually by ferry.

Corfu Greece Travel


For people in wheelchairs, this is a special challenge. I couldn’t find any information about how to get from the lower deck to the upper deck. All I knew was that when this steel monstrosity swallowed our van I was at the mercy of the Greek workers.

Corfu Greece Travel


They quickly packed me onto the escalator, I closed my eyes and surrendered to my fate. They slowly let the stairs move while my wheelchair rested on only two wheels. The rest was in the hands of a corpulent port worker.

I also have a picture, but it’s a little blurry because my mother’s hands were shaking.

Corfu Greece Travel


When everything goes well, then the ferry ride becomes a real pleasure.


Corfu Greece Travel


Corfu is different from the rest of Greece. The first thing you notice is that it is green. Greenery is created by numerous olive trees. Most of them were planted during the time of the Venetians, who rewarded every 100 planted trees with 12 gold coins.

Corfu Greece Travel


Motivation is always the main driver, so today there are about 4 million olive trees on the island. Today, Corfu is the largest exporter of olive oil in Greece. Except that there is a lot of it and it is of special quality.

That is why the main souvenirs you bring from Corfu, apart from oil, are various items made of olive wood as well as numerous cosmetic preparations and the famous kumquat liqueur.

Corfu Greece Travel


Here, the olive trees are not pruned, so you can rest in the shade of many 400-year-old olive trees.

Corfu Greece Travel

When you’re on such a green island with many hidden coves, it’s completely understandable that you don’t feel like going anywhere else. That’s why the things to visit must be particularly attractive. Here’s my list of what I think should get you off the beach:


1. Kerkyra

Corfu Greece Travel


Kerkyra is a large pedestrian zone and you can explore something new every day. That’s why you need more days or more arrivals for Kerkyra because she deserves it.

Corfu Greece Travel

Kerkyra will immediately tell you that the Venetians ruled here. The Espianada, where cricket is still played today, will tell you that for a while the British were in charge and that Liston had something to do with the French.


The old fort shows that the Byzantines were once here. Only the Turks have never ruled here.

Corfu Greece Travel

Corfu is the only island they did not conquer.


2. Vido Island

Visit the Vido island, the most important Serbian island.

Corfu Greece Travel

If I could, you can make the same effort. I can’t understand tourists who have the need to sunbathe and swim there next to the many Corfu beaches. I forgive ignorant pink foreigners, but never us true Serbians.


3. Achilleion

Visit Achilleon, a place worth sacrificing an afternoon on the beach.

Corfu Greece Travel

If ther is a place that will tell you the Royalty knows what’s good, then this is it. It was made by the famous Queen Sisi, but she did not get to enjoy it enough. A beautiful white building that later changed owners often.


4. Vlaherna Monastery

Visit the Vlaherna Monastery, the most picturesque place on Corfu.

Corfu Greece Travel

It is located on an islet connected to the mainland by a stone path. It’s very easy to get to. It is located south of Kanoni and is open to visitors all year round.


5. Mon Repo

This summer home of the Greek royal family is the birthplace of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II and father of her children.

Corfu Greece Travel


6. Kanoni

Visit Kanoni and watch the planes land in the cafe with a million dollar view.

Corfu Greece Travel


While a glass shakes in your hand, watch as thousands of horse power take off in unison to lift up the monstrosity of several tens of tons, contrary to common sense.

Corfu Greece Travel

There are several terraces from which you can additionally pump your adrenaline, and I enjoyed the view from there in one morning.


7.Paleokastritsa beach

Visit Paleokastritsa beach only because everyone visits it.

Corfu Greece Travel


8. Be sure to try the pasticcio that Corfu is proud of

Corfu Greece Travel

Wash down the pasticcio with their red beer and you are ready for any challenge. Enjoy other specialties of Corfu cuisine such as sofrito, bianko, and others…


All the destinations listed so far are accessible for people in wheelchairs.
I personally visited them and I stand behind my words.


9.Mount Pantokrator

Climb Pantokrator 906 m above sea level view on all four sides the highest peak in Corfu.


There is also a monastery of the same name. From the top, you can see how close the Albanian coast is, only 2 km, and on a clear day, the coast of Italy is also visible. Legend has it that in the middle of the 14th century, a shepherd fell asleep on the top. In a dream, an angel visited him and told him that he would find an icon next to him and that a church must be built in that place to keep that icon. Done.


10.Kaiser Throne

Visit the Plekas Viewpoint or the Kaiser’s Throne, a favorite place of the German Emperor Wilhelm, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the interior of the island.

It is located near the village of Plekas and is reached by a steep, very picturesque road with many sharp bends.



Many important names sought inspiration in Corfu, such as: Goethe, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Gerald Darrell the British naturalist, Lord Byron and others. I add to their choice my humble opinion that Corfu is very beautiful and offers a lot.

There is more to see on Corfu, such as the Kissing Canal in Sidari, a cafe with a view in which a James Bond movie was filmed, Paleokastritca Monastery, a wonderful place in the north called Cassiopeia, and Kensington on the Sea, a wonderful walking path that it takes you through the picturesque villages of Corfu and so on, but you have to leave something for the next visite, because Corfu deserves it.

I highly recommend it as a destination for vacation but also for research.


Have you been to Corfu?

Did i miss anything?


Traveled and enjoyed,

Marko Veličković


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